Liverpool - the story of a city

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Liverpool - the story of a city

If you've enjoyed your visit to the Museum of Liverpool (and who hasn't?) or can't make it to the Museum, then our latest book is worth a look.

Liverpool - the story of a city gives a whistle stop tour of the Museum's galleries (essentially a potted history of Liverpool), starting with the departure of the ice at the end of the last Ice Age, running through to the recent report on Hillsborough.

It celebrates the city and the millions who have inspired, thrived, created, fought, worked and lived here. It covers the Liverpool usuals (The Beatles, football, Grand National, slavery, the docks etc) plus many topics you may not immediately associate wth the city like the American Civil War, the world's first passenger railway and the humble cup of tea. There's lots of photos which make for a pleasant wander down memory lane for locals, and for visitors an introduction to the city Carl Jung described as 'the pool of life'.

You can purchase the book at the Museum itself or through our online shop. And at £9.99 it'll make a thoughtful yet affordable Christmas present.