Liverpool….This is your life!

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Our press office volunteer, Gabriella Day has written another fantastic blog for us, this time about The Liverpool Map!

The creation of the iconic two metre high glass map of Liverpool is well and truly on its way. And to mark the construction of this unique and inspirational piece of art, set to be on show in the Museum of Liverpool in Spring 2011, there is a ‘work-in-progress’ display currently being shown in the Daily Post and Echo building on Old Hall Street until this Friday, 26 February.

Image of Liverpool Map display

You can visit the Liverpool Map display at the Daily Post building on Old Hall Street until this Friday, 26 February 2010.

But don’t be fooled by the use of the term map, because this is soooo much more!  Not only does it outline the literal geographic boundaries of Liverpool, this ingenious depiction also looks at Liverpool’s historical and cultural development and the impact the city has had on the world.  Better still, the decision regarding what should be included has been made by the people of Liverpool, more precisely the ardent readers of the Liverpool Daily Post.

The beauty of this work does not finish there, there is yet another exciting twist (in my humble opinion anyway); the technique that is being used to create it. The various aspects of Liverpool’s life have been mapped out on separate sheets of glass, that are then artfully fused together to create six, two metre high panels.  This means that as the light hits the glass at different angels throughout the day, visitors can explore the work from varying positions, revealing different aspects of Liverpool’s history. Its future position in front of the 80ft window in the People’s City gallery of the new Museum of Liverpool makes it all the more fitting. 

Sample sections of the glass panels are currently featured at the Daily Post, along with a sneak preview of what the finished article will look like.  There is also a description of the creative process and prints of the photographs set to be used in the final sculpture.  And as a cheeky added extra there is also an interesting rolling slideshow of pictures of the famous faces and places to be contained in the Liverpool map played alongside the 800 line ‘Liverpool saga’ poem, created by the talented people of Merseyside, to celebrate Liverpool’s 800th birthday.

For further information on the Liverpool Map progress display please visit the special blog on the Daily Post's website.