Look out for the Vikings!

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Huxley-Hoard-Treasure-for-wVikings are all the rage at the moment!  With the major 'Vikings: life and legend exhibition' at the British Museum, 'The Vikings' dramatised TV series on Love Film or DVD and even a Telegraph newspaper test of your own Viking credentials! If you want your dose of Vikings here in Liverpool, you should to come to the Museum of Liverpool and see the Huxley Hoard of Viking silver, on display in the Timeline on the first floor.  The early medieval period, after the Roman withdrawl from Britain in 409AD to the Norman invasion 1066AD is quite difficult to identify and understand archaeologically in this region.  However, there are a few spectacular finds, and some compelling evidence to tell us about the lives people were living in this region. The Huxley hoard, and other similar hoards such as the Cuerdale hoard and the Silverdale hoard are evidence of the wealth being gathered and stored by some individuals or groups, and also show some of the craft skills employed from around 850AD to the early 10th century. Place-name evidence, sculpture, and coin finds all help paint a picture of a vibrant, evolving society which had a considerable impact on the culture of the north west, and continues to leave its mark in the area to this day. The British Museum are bringing the exhibition to a cinema near you through a film, Vikings Live, screened on 24 April 2014.  Local venues include Odeon Liverpool ONE, Cineworld Edge Lane, Picturehouse FACT, and Light New Brighton. If you’d like to read more, try ‘Vikings in North West England: the Artifacts’ by BJN Edwards or ‘The Huxley Viking Hoard: Scandinavial Settlement in the North West’ edited by James Graham-Campbell and Robert Philpott, available from the online bookshop.