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Our volunteer Gabriella Day visited the Walker Art Gallery and wrote a blog the John Moores art prize:

Little boy stands on frozen lake

 Previous John Moores winner Peter Doig and his piece Blotter

I would like to start with a disclaimer, I am new to this blogging malarkey, shocking I know given the social media crazed times in which we now live. 

However, this is an exciting opportunity given my current topic, the John Moores Prize!  I am relatively new to the glorious city of Liverpool and I must confess not particularly well versed on the John Moores Prize either. Despite these downfalls, I hope that my fresh, and relatively un-jaded outlook will bring a new perspective….well, we’ll soon find out.

I do love a good gallery and the Walker definitely falls into that category for me, especially the John Moores past prize winners exhibition.  I am a lover of more modern art, although a nice bit of Pre-Raphaelite eye candy doesn’t go a miss.

With regards to the triumphant winners of the John Moores prize I certainly have my favourites, most notably ‘Blotter’ by Peter Doig the 1993 winner and Slump/fear (orange/black) by Alexis Harding, the winner in 2004.  I am eager for September to arrive (without idly wishing my life away of course) to find out whether the newest arrival will become my latest favourite.

There is now less than a week left  for budding young talent and trusty old faithfuls to get their submissions in, and lets face it guys you’ve got to be in it to win it! The judging is completely anonymous (a fact I shamefully only found out the other day), so what have you got to lose.

For further information on how to submit work for the John Moores Contemporary Painting Prize 2010 please visit: