Love our Liver birds

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Girl and bird sculpture Life-sized Liver bird looking out of our window We know them so well. They appear all around the city, sometimes in the most unexpected of places. They have become part of the fabric of the place, so much so that perhaps we don’t always appreciate them but that is all due to change this week as we celebrate our wonderful, unique and inspirational Liver birds! The Museum of Liverpool has three days of family events to learn more about and pay homage to our city's special symbol. Trails, talks, story telling and crafts will bring families together to celebrate the Liver birds on Wednesday 17, Thursday 18 and Friday 19 August. From medieval depictions to more current, recognisable versions of the bird, we probably have the most varied collection under one roof! Showing up in medieval heraldry, fine porcelain, football (both LFC and EFC) memorabilia and cuddly toys, the Liver bird can be seen in its many forms all around the building. A downloadable trail takes visitors on a tour of the Museum to see the many ways our winged-friend has become embedded in our culture. One not to miss is the case in our Atrium space full of examples of the various birds who have over the years have laid claim to be the original Liver bird. Our experts have carefully analysed the clues and deduced it is mainly eagle, but with elements of cormorant and other birds! Take a look and see if you agree. Large window View from The People's Republic in Museum of Liverpool. Image Ant Clausen While we think we have some incredible examples of Liver birds  on display we know nothing can beat the real thing, which can be seen from our enormous picture window in The People's Republic gallery. The vast view, which takes in the River Mersey and the Irish Sea, also features the Three Graces and of course the Liver birds looking out across the river and city from their protective perch on top of the Liver Building. We're very proud to say this special view is up for an award as the best in country. Voting is open until 9th September 2016. More information about our Liver bird events here.