Lunt Meadows questionnaire

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Excavations at Lunt Meadows Excavations at Lunt Meadows In August 2012 the Museum of Liverpool Archaeology Department discovered a rare and important early prehistoric hunter-gatherer site on land at Lunt Meadows that is due to become a wetland nature reserve. On the site three important early pre-historic hunter-gatherer settlements have been found containing rare archaeological evidence dating from 8,000 years ago. In July 2014 The Lancashire Wildlife Trust are taking on the management of Lunt Meadows, and will essentially be returning the landscape to something like how it probably looked in prehistory in order to encourage a wide variety of wildlife and plant habitats to this site. This seems a perfect opportunity to make information more accessible to a wider public about the settlement, its people and their prehistoric landscape seen in the context of a modern day equivalent. Lancashire Wildlife Trust would like to carry out further research and identify ways in which they can encourage and assist people to learn about this important historical find, learn about what life would have been like living in the area 8,000 years ago and how they are helping wildlife live there today. Lancashire Wildlife Trust would like to apply to Heritage Lottery Fund to gain support to carry out more research, interpret what has been found, and get more people involved to create a place that people enjoy and cherish. A good number of responses to this questionnaire would really help Lancashire Wildlife Trust demonstrate a need for resources for the proposed future activity on this amazing site.