Making a Fashion Statement!

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Two museum staff in the White Gold exhibition and wearing white tshirts with the winning slogan

Stephen Carl-Lokko and Angela Samata wearing the winning tshirts

Visitors to White Gold: the true cost of cotton in the Campaign Zone at the International Slavery Museum have been coming up with t-shirt slogans related to the issues in the exhibition. Developed in partnership with the Environmental Justice Foundation, White Gold draws attention to the exploitation of workers in the cotton industry in Uzbekistan.

The fashion designer Katharine Hamnett went through over 300 entries to select the winner of the t-shirt competion. A big congratulations to Katie Fernandez from Woolton for her winning slogan: ‘Thousands of Childhood’s Lost…and all I got was this lousy tshirt’. The slogan has been printed onto 100% organic cotton t-shirts and is available to purchase from EJF’s online shop.

Katharine Hamnett explained why she picked Katie's slogan: “It’s true. Uzbekistan and many other countries routinely uses slave child labour to pick its cotton, also exposing them to deadly pesticides, so that the West can have cheap clothing and big brands can make a lot of money. The true price of clothing is paid in lost childhoods, human suffering and environmental degradation.”