Mandy Mandala Superlambanana

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A strange beast has found its way into the the World Museum - luckily she seems to be quite docile and friendly! Mandy Mandala Superlambanana has now settled into her new home in the atrium of the museum and has been greeting visitors since last week.

A brightly coloured sculpture with the head of a lamb and a tail shaped like a banana

Altogether now: "Oh Mandy, you came and you gave without taking..."

Decorated in a colourful mosaic style, she was designed by artist Patricia Lee for Arts In Regeneration, in association with the communities of Granby, Dingle and Toxteth in Liverpool 8. You may have seen her on show at the bottom of Princes Road, Toxteth, earlier this year before she was bought at the Superlambanana auction and donated to National Museums Liverpool this month.

I'm off to Mandy Moos Milkshake Bar in Grand Central to have an Oreo flavoured milkshake to celebrate.