Meet me at the museum

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Jill has a giggle at Meet me at the Museum Jill has a giggle at Meet me at the museum One of our Visitor Hosts, Jill Ireland, has been telling us about a new and friendly drop-in event at World Museum and Museum of Liverpool, called Meet me at the museum, which has been developed with older visitors in mind: “Working on 'Meet me at the museum' has given me a fascinating insight into memories, and how simple things get us all talking, sharing stories and enjoying the company of strangers. The idea of the project is to engage with older visitors and take a nostalgic look back. It has attracted a wide and diverse audience, from older adults to grandparents with their grandchildren, and even some family groups. In some sessions, we have been talking to visitors about the vintage games we have out, as well as others they remember, like the spinning top and whip, peg dolls, and the paper dolls you cut out and dress up. Then there are games, like the Amazing Robot. I don’t know if you have ever seen this game, but we have been fascinated by it - we might not know the answers to half of the questions but the Amazing Robot does! It’s great to see people engaging with each other over the games, with some even demonstrating how good they are at  things like ‘Jacks’ or  ‘pick-up sticks’. We also love hearing the things visitors say, especially when we hit on a personal memory, like “Oh my mum had one of those” and “I am sure we have that tin the attic”. If you like to remember the good old days, or know an older person who would enjoy some company and a chat, do come along. We would love to see you there.” ‘Meet me at the museum’ is a fun informal event that takes place in a welcoming atmosphere at World Museum every Wednesday from 11am until 1pm.  It also runs at the Museum of Liverpool on Tuesdays 11am until 1pm. If you would like to find out more, our friendly staff will also be available on Monday 26 May at the Museum of Liverpool to tell you all about it. Just look for the 'reminiscence pod' in the Museum atrium.