A memorable time at World Museum!

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Purcell family at World Museum

Today we bring you a blog from Carlos (12yrs), José (9yrs), Rio (8yrs) & Tiana (5yrs) Purcell who had such a lovely day at World Museum they wrote in to tell us about it.  We're delighted they had such a fabulous time!

Mum took us to World Museum to look at some artefacts donated by our Great grandfather.  Armed with notepads and colouring tools we explored the exhibitions, drawing our favourite objects from around the world. An African leopard chair made from colourful beads, a tribal headdress,Untitled wooden statues, spears and oars, and the most amazing jewellery.

We found a necklace made from bats teeth, another made from monkey teeth, a frog necklace, and another made from jaguar teeth and, long green earrings made from beetle wings.

 Next we ventured into the interactive room (Weston Discovery Centre). Andy showed us how to write our name in Egyptian and Viking. He also taught us how to play the game Mancala. This is an African game similar to chess which uses stones. It is great fun! We came home and made our own version out of egg boxes.

Mancala Mancala

The most expensive item in the museum was the booklet found in an Aztec Temple. There are only 4 of these books left in the world. The booklet predicted that the world would end in 2012.  Perhaps the world began again in 2012, or maybe they ran out of paper? Who knows?!

Treasures and mysteries from around our exciting world. Thank-you to Zachary Kingdon, Curator of African Collections & Andy for sharing your depth of wisdom and knowledge with us.Zachary