Merchant Navy Day

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Whilst remembering the contribution the merchant navy has made, and continues to make, to Britain, you may be tempted into a little family history research on your seafaring ancestors. 

Merchant seafarers are well documented compared with other professions.  Most of the records are held at the National Archives although to complicate matters the documentation changes over time as each system set up by the Board of Trade was overwhelmed by the growth of Britain's merchant fleet.  The Archives Centre has an information sheet that explains how to track the records down. 

This image is of a Mariner's Register Ticket, issued to Thomas Crone born Liverpool, 1833.  The seafarer was required to keep this document and give it to the ship's master when he signed the crew agreement.  The other half of the tickets, which were issued to seafarers between 1845-1854, are held at the National Archives and list the voyages of the seafarer.

Lead image: Mariner's Register Ticket, issued to Thomas Crone, reference DX/850