Mermaids, Monsters and Mantids, Oh My! Part One Mermaids

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mermaids purses A group of Mermaids Purse egg cases Laura Carter, Education Demonstrator, tells us about some exciting things happening at World Museum: "Here in the Aquarium and Bug House at World Museum Liverpool, our animals are having a bit of a baby boom at the moment! It’s always a happy time for keepers too, because if our animals are breeding, it’s a good sign that they’re healthy and happy. Not to mention that the babies are adorable!   Dogfish embryo Dogfish embryo developing inside the egg case Mermaids Did you know that the egg cases of sharks, skates and rays are known as a ‘Mermaids Purse’? Our dogfish (a small shark) in the Hilbre display laid her eggs a few months ago and they have begun to hatch out. We currently have five pups, currently on display in the aquarium along with the remaining egg cases next to the Hiilbre tank. If you watch the eggs carefully, you can see the baby dogfish developing inside and moving about. Although they are growing fast, it will be sometime yet before they are as big as their mum in the tank next door! dogfish pups Dogfish Pups   These dogfish pups are only a few weeks old. You will have to look for them very carefully if it’s not feeding time though, as they have amazing camouflage to keep them well hidden on the sea bed!" Look our for Laura's next Blog telling us about the "Monsters" in the Aquarium!