Mersey v’s: Our Youth Volunteer Steering Group

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As it is National Volunteers Week all this week (1st – 7th June 2010) we thought it would be a great opportunity to pass the blog over to one of our youth volunteers. So, here’s Emma, to tell us a bit more about Mersey v’s: Our dedicated Youth Volunteers Steering Group…

'Mersey v’s is made up of a group of volunteers aged 16-25 at National Museums Liverpool. We meet once a month, usually on a Thursday evening or during a Sunday daytime, in different venues to discuss anything and everything to do with volunteering, giving us the opportunity to pass on our thoughts and ideas to the Volunteer department.

A typical meeting will start with an update from Claire, the Youth Volunteer Officer, with any relevant news since the last meeting. Then we usually move on to look at specific topics or tasks related to volunteering, such as designing logos for volunteer projects, discussing ideas for future projects, and suggesting how the museum should recognise volunteer achievements. In order to fuel the discussions at meetings, we are usually provided with a selection of cakes or pizzas, which are always popular with the group!

Mersey v’s is a great way to have a real impact upon volunteering within National Museums Liverpool, giving young volunteers the opportunity to have their say on a whole range of issues. Mersey v’s also allows members to learn more about the organisation by visiting different venues and talking to members of staff, while also developing our own skills by doing new things, such as writing this blog!'

If you are aged 16-25 and would like to get involved or find out more, please contact the Volunteers team.

You can also find out more about youth volunteering from v, the national young volunteers’ service.

volunteers spelling out the groups name with posters

Members of Mersey v's; our Youth Volunteer Steering Group.

Mersey v’s Aims
• To encourage youth volunteering
• To make volunteering relevant, new and exciting
• To engage young people in museums and their work
• To develop opportunities that link to the lives of young people today
• To learn about what National Museums Liverpool does
• To achieve new skills in a social environment
• To involve people from all sections of society