Mi Smarthouse at Museum of Liverpool

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A room set with a modern fitted kitched and a wooden table

 The Mi Smarthouse kitchen is full of fantastic gadgets

Have you ever locked yourself out of the house because you forgot your key?  What about leaving the bath running and flooding the bathroom, or scalding yourself because you forgot to test the water?

When we were younger we dreamt we would be living in a ‘Tomorrow’s World’ age – assisted by clever gadgets and cutting-edge technology that would cater for our every need. This futuristic vision is closer than you think.

The Mi Smarthouse has just arrived at the Museum of Liverpool – a sort of showhome for handy gadgets, known collectively ’life enhancing technologies’.

The idea behind the Mi Independent partnership is to help people to live independently in their own home and these technologies can have a particular relevance for people with existing health and care needs. However, they are also suitable for anyone who just wants to make life their a little easier. The clever gizmos on show range from talking watches (that really do tell you the time) to door locks that open by fingerprint. There’s even a talking microwave.

The great thing about the solutions is they can help people feel safer and more secure as well as offer peace of mind to loved ones and carers. Through the Museum of Liverpool’s dementia awareness programme House of Memories, we know what important work this is, and what a great opportunity it is for Liverpool people.

You can find the Mi Smarthouse on the 1st floor of the Museum of Liverpool.