Millais, a toilet and the Whirlpool Galaxy

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August's monthly features

Regular monthly updates for August are live on the site. The Lady Lever Art Gallery's picture of the month will be 'Bubbles', by Sir John Everett Millais. It is on long-term loan from Unilever, free gallery talks will be held on Thursday 10 and Wednesday 23 August 2006.

Object of the month at the Walker Art Gallery is recent acquisition 'Loophonium', by the late Fritz Spiegl. The loophonium, a euphonium crossed with a toilet, was created by Spiegl for an April Fools' Day concert in 1960. Free gallery talks will be held on Tuesday 1 and Thursday 24 August, 1-1.30pm.

August's Nightwatch feature for World Museum Liverpool higlights sightings of Jupiter, Venus, the constellation of Pegasus, M51 (The Whirlpool Galaxy) and the Perseid meteor shower.

For those wanting to know what the night sky was like in the recent past, our Nightwatch archives date back to the beginning of 2004.