Mirror mirror on the wall ... who's the fairest of them all?

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Simone Martini's Christ Discovered In The Temple

Simone Martini's Christ Discovered In The Temple can't fail to impress

 Today’s Daily Mirror features a rather amusing and flippant article about the art world.

I think that many people have experienced an ‘emperor’s new clothes’ moment when faced with certain elements of contemporary art. 

But even some of the world’s most renowned paintings fail to resonate with armchair critic, Peter Bennett from Wallasey. He compares Van Gogh to primary school work, calls Dali ‘bonkers’ and the Mona Lisa a ‘tired, frustrated woman’.

He is impressed, however, by the Walker Art Gallery’s marvellous Simone Martini painting, Christ Discovered In The Temple. It’s wonderful to know that even the harshest of critics can find something they love when they visit the Walker.  I guess some paintings just speak for themselves.