"Every time I perform on my own it's like I’ve won a battle with myself and it’s such a high."

We get to know Martha Goddard, featured artist on Museum Sessions. The online series returns with an incredible line up of Liverpool talent playing across National Museums Liverpool's iconic spaces in the city.

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You may know Martha as the lead singer of five-piece indie-pop band, Hushtones, Liverpool favourites who’ve toured with She Drew The Gun and Red Rum Club. She's now also launched her solo career, following her own direction to great success. We had a quick catch up after her session and this is where she's up to: 

Performing in Lady Lever's South Rotunda was a surreal experience! I loved the natural reverb of the round tiled hall. My audience was a collection of gleaming white, nude, statues (as well as the museum and film crew who were all absolutely sound). 

When I step on stage I feel…panic, followed by calm as soon as I start singing. It’s like every single time I forget that I CAN do this, this is my thing.  
A cause I care about is… mental health. Anxiety has been a recurring feature in my life and the one thing that has made me feel grounded is the expression of song-writing and singing. I want to tell the world to not repress their emotions. Talking and being open is important and leads to stronger connections. We only have one shot at life, there’s no point in hiding who we really are.  

Working on my own project alongside my band Hushtones is quite freeing as I thrive on variation and new experiences. I’m a songwriter at my core and it’s great to be able to co-write and build a project with others as well as having the challenge of doing something all on my own. My songs are a real reflection of me and it feels good to share. 
I’m currently working on a 4 track EP. I’m very excited to share more on this soon! 


I recently played in St Michaels Church in front of about 150 people and it was really nerve wracking. The room was completely silent but full of watching eyes and it was the most nervous I’ve ever been to perform. I went on stage and started playing one of my songs and the adrenaline took over and I couldn’t help but smile my way through the performance. Every time I perform on my own its like I’ve won a battle with myself and it’s such a high.  

"We only have one shot at life, there’s no point in hiding who we really are."  

If I could go back in time and see one musical act it would be… Kate Bush! She’s been my idol since I was a child. I used to sit and watch a VHS of her strange and beautiful music videos on repeat. 
My favourite museum/gallery at NML is the World Museum. I love how each floor is completely different. My favourite floor is the space floor as it reminds me of how tiny we are. We are here by the smallest possible chance so better enjoy it! 
The song that always cheers me up is Hollaback Girl- Gwen Stefani! 

Martha Goddard