Museum of Liverpool and the QE2

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Photo of the corner of a partially finished building, a dock wall, a river and a alrge white ship

The QE2 in Liverpool with the Museum of Liverpool in the foreground

The latest batch of Museum of Liverpool construction progress snaps is on our Flickr page. The cladding is going on and the end is in sight!

On a vaguely related subject (I say vaguely because I hurriedly took this slightly blurry snap at the dock at lunchtime - it was very cold!) the QE2 is in Liverpool at the moment. The Liverpool Echo have a video of it sailing into the Mersey, past Crosby Beach and the Antony Gormley ironmen (or 'Another Place' as they're officially known). Wonder how close the two ships in the video really were? Anyhoo, it's a good vid and worth a peek.