Museum Sessions | MC Nelson

Museum Sessions featured artist, MC Nelson, has become an important voice in the UK's hip-hop scene. We got to know him with some quick fire questions.

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I would love to go back in time to see one of my idols. One of the rappers that influenced me, in the early stages of their career. Someone like Nas, Mos Def, or MF Doom before the fame. I think it would be so inspirational to see how far they’ve came.

De La Soul – Eye Know takes me back to a simpler time as a kid. Although I wasn’t born when it came out, I'm not that old please! No matter what’s plaguing me it all melts away once I put this song on.

My pet peeve is...people that listen to new albums on shuffle for the first time, you people are war criminals, and you will pay for your crimes soon.

If I wasn't an artist...I like to lie to myself and say I would have been a footballer. Even though I wasn’t any good, and I’m sticking with the lie today, I would have been Liverpool captain.

‘I’d Rather Go Blind’ by Etta James is a timeless soul classic. This song will have you belting out the lyrics even though you’ve never experienced heart wrenching pain like Ms James. The way she describes seeing her man chat up another girl and knowing right then and there it was over for good, wow it cuts deep.

24 Kitchen Street will always be special to me. It’s probably where I’ve performed the most, and has really helped me develop over the years, and its been crazy to see the whole Baltic Triangle develop over the years.

The cause I care most about is… seeing the Hip Hop scene in Liverpool grow and flourish and rival the scenes of cities Like Manchester, Birmingham and London.

"People that listen to new albums on shuffle for the first time, you people are war criminals, and you will pay for your crimes soon."

Listening to Dizzee Rascal’s Boy in da Corner for the first time as a kid was a defining moment in my life. Seeing how far lyrics scribbled in your bedroom can take you in life, all over the world.

It keeps my motivated to know I’m going to be making music until I’m geriatric with a Zimmer frame. I can’t live without music, so may as well make the most of my obsession.

Growing up in South Liverpool, I spent a lot of time as a kid on the grounds of Sudley House running around like a headless chicken. I’ve also had an amazing time visiting the International Slavery Museum too.

My interest in art and media goes far beyond music. Although music is my first love, I’m really into film, visual art, and podcasts as well so probably consuming one of them.

By the River will always have a special place in my heart. It’s the song that really made people sit up and take notice of my music and was a massive steppingstone for my career. It tells the story of Liverpool through its port and the River Mersey, the story of immigration, slavery, the British Empire, Liverpool’s decline in the 20th and its current rebirth. The video was made with my friends Ryan Woods and Niloo Sharifi, both also incredible musicians.


Lime Street to Euston tells the story of 2 lovers and the train journey that connects their hearts. It’s about my own relationship, but its also about romanticising the mundane things in your life, like overpriced 2-hour train journeys!