MV Derbyshire Trust Fund launched this week

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Pamphlet about the charity For a while now I have been privileged to work with members of the Derbyshire Family Association (DFA). In September 2012 we opened a permanent display on the First Floor of Merseyside Maritime Museum, dedicated to the story of the bulk carrier MV Derbyshire, lost in the South China Sea with all hands on 9 September 1980. 42 crewmen and 2 wives perished, including 17 from Liverpool. The oil/bulk/ore carrier MV Derbyshire was the biggest British merchant ship ever lost. The DFA fought for 20 years to uncover the truth about why the ship sank, and has also played a crucial role in influencing changes to safety at sea - especially for bulk carriers. It is on this foundation that the MV Derbyshire Trust Fund (DTF) has been set up, and the charity will support seafarers and campaign for safer ships in order to preserve lives at sea. Quite rightly the launch received wide press coverage and I was fortunate enough to attend and listen to the founding members speak about the charity's formation and aims. The charity is raising money to have a permanent memorial sited at the Liverpool Waterfront in memory of the 42 men and 2 women who died. It will also be seen as a way to celebrate the lives preserved by lessons learned in the aftermath of the loss. If you like to find out more, or would just like to make a donation, then please contact: Chairman Paul Lambert MBE email:   telephone: 07762696913