My reason for joining the Centenary Club - by Gavin Hunter

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Image shows Historian Gavin Hunter at the Gallery Historian Gavin Hunter at the Gallery Lever historian Gavin Hunter is a regular visitor, and speaker, at the Lady Lever Art Gallery. Here he shares what he loves most about the Gallery, as well as his very special reason for joining the Centenary Club: "Called in to the Gallery with friends this week. They were amazed by the paintings and sculptures. Especially the Pre-Raphaelite works. Sad that I couldn’t show them my personal favourite - the wonderful Wedgwood collection, but delighted that the work on the South End has started……and that I’m part of the process! As a Centenary Club member it’s nice to think that my small contribution is going to towards this project.
"The Gallery is very special to me; as a Lever historian, and more significantly as the place where my late wife, Joy, and I spent a lot of time when we were courting. That’s why I’ve dedicated my donation to her memory. I’m encouraging anyone who can afford it to join and to make a donation.
"While we were there I picked up a copy of the gallery’s latest news sheet which shows artist impressions of what it’s all going to look like. Very exciting. Can’t wait to see it all finished.  But in the meantime, after the mandatory coffee and cake in the restaurant, we spent a fascinating half hour looking at Style from the Small Screen,  the costume exhibition which is on until the middle of January. As always, a brilliant place to visit!" How to join the Centenary Club: This year marks the centenary of the laying of the Gallery's foundation stone, and the Centenary Club provides an opportunity to support plans to improve our beautiful South End galleries. By donating £100, members will receive  an acknowledgment in the Gallery as well as exclusive event invitations. A Centenary Club membership makes for a unique and lasting gift. To join, call 0151 478 4734, or visit