My Supa Hero Brother, Jon

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Jon Daniel and his brother Tony, the original Afro Supa Hero Jon Daniel and his brother Tony, the original Afro Supa Hero This special blog post is written by Tony, Jon Daniel’s brother, who came all the way from Canada recently to see the Afro Supa Hero exhibition for the first time. Attributed as ‘the coolest person I knew growing up’, Tony was a massive inspiration for Jon - and was his first Afro Supa's Tony:  "I spent my formative years in the Caribbean with my grandmother, then re-joining my Mom in London in the 1970’s as a teenager, it definitely was a culture shock to integrate into a new blended family with two young brothers and a new father whilst trying to figure out my own identity. "Family was my solace forging ties with my brothers helped to reduce some of my teenage angst assuming the role of big brother. My actions then may have left an image in Jon’s mind that set him on a journey of self-exploration in his teenage years. "I always considered myself as the older brother, the the thought of me having such a profound influence on Jon as his Afro Supa Hero still floors me. "We do have a unique connection even though I left for Canada when he was 11 years, we have and will always maintain that strong brotherly bond. "Needless to say, I have over the years been very well aware of his attitude to his “sense of self” and his determination to follow his dreams and aspirations to make a difference to the world around him. "Ironically, I constantly draw inspiration and strength from his energy and from his relentless ability to set new challenges for himself. "Being present at the Afro Supa Hero exhibition at the International Slavery Museum, Liverpool has brought his vision full circle, to share and support his triumphs, has definitely humbled me, it has given me a sense of purpose that being his older brother has somewhat set the stage for the theme “Afro Supa Hero”. "It was actually an overwhelming experience taking it all in with some of the spot light being directed to me. It was such a fitting tribute but I am quite happy being in the background versus being in the foreground. "I am more in tuned to the fact that Jon’s concept has made it to centre stage, sharing his vision to the world whilst at the same time making a social and cultural statement."