My trip to Museum of Liverpool

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Ben Forshaw stood next to a display cas with football objects at the Museum of Liverpool

Our work experience student Ben Forshaw gives his verdict on the Museum of Liverpool

Today, as part of my two week work experience at NML, I spent my time at the Museum of Liverpool. I felt the trip to the museum today was one I enjoyed thoroughly, and it educated me on much of Liverpool’s history. I showed particular interest in this specific museum due to the current football displays there. As a great fan of football and a player of the sport myself, I could relate to these displays in many ways - especially the presentation of the rivalry between Liverpool and Everton.

Despite my main reason in going to the museum being to check out the football demonstration, I also took great interest in looking at the city’s history. This was the feature of the museum I found most interesting, simply because I found facts about things such as the exporting from Liverpool back in the 1800s and 1900s so intriguing. I learnt that the city became a city in 1880 and that over 13,000 people from the city died during the World War 1; it appealed to me because I admittedly do not know much about our city’s history.

Another matter that caught my attention was the possible building of the “Cathedral of Dreams” many years ago. It was fascinating to understand that had that cathedral been built, it would have been the world’s second largest cathedral. Just imagine how good a monument like that would have been to have in our city! A building such as that one would have been brilliant to have in addition to other attractions in Liverpool such as the Echo Arena, Anglican Cathedral and now the Museum of Liverpool. I would definitely recommend that you all take a look at the Cathedral of Dreams in the museum, as I certainly found it breathtaking!

All in all, my experience this morning was one I would very much like to revisit some time soon, especially as there were more aspects to the museum I could have checked out had I had more time there. Another particular event I would recommend you all taking a look at was the 15 minute long film about Liverpool Football Club and Everton Football Club’s history since they were formed. I suppose my views may be slightly bitter on the subject, however I found it quite amusing watching Everton fans have to watch Liverpool persistently outdo them throughout their history.