National Insect Week at World Museum

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NIW-2014-Logoeditedfor-blogNational National Insect Week 2014 kicked off early this year with a series of events at World Museum. This weekend we hosted experts from the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) who brought in some of their animals, and talked about the life saving research they undertake. One of the major attractions was the Tsetse flies, these African insects are the vectors for sleeping sickness, a terrible disease caused by a microscopic parasite transmitted when the flies feed on human blood. Other insect themed events included close encounter sessions, the opportunity to try some edible insects, themed craft activities, and ‘Meet the relatives’ sessions in the Aquarium. The National Insect Week events at World Museum continue throughout the week and next weekend, so do come along and join in the fun! Alistair demonstrating distant relatives. Alistair demonstrating distant relatives.

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