National Volunteers Week – A Review

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Claire Olson summarises National Volunteers Week, and thanks all the willing souls who help out here.

row of five smiling young women, with a colourful display board in the background

Lauren Yule (centre with badge), our assistant volunteer coordinator, with youth volunteers from the Mersey V's.

Last week the Volunteers Team were out and about at different venues and events in the North West promoting volunteering opportunities at NML.

During the week we met with lots of people who are keen ‘volunteers in the making’ and eager to find out more. We also received lots of positive feedback about our museums, with many families telling us how much they enjoyed visiting! We also welcomed the launch of Mersey v’s; our new Young Persons' Steering Group, who will be championing volunteering across NML.

National Volunteers Week may only come once a year, but we would like to take this opportunity to thank our volunteers for all their support and hard work throughout the whole year – their positive involvement is much appreciated – as acknowledged by our director, Dr David Fleming:

“I have nothing but praise for volunteers, who devote their own time to helping make museums more popular and accessible. Volunteer effort is often overlooked, but without volunteers most museums would provide an immeasurably poorer public service.”

If you wish to find out more about becoming a volunteer at NML please email the Volunteer Team or ring them on 0151 478 4775 and keep an eye on the blog for more volunteer updates coming soon!