'Nature in the Frame' at Chester Zoo

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National Museum Liverpool's collections are an important source for a whole range of scientists, academics and researchers. One man who is no stranger to the zoological collections is acclaimed wildlife artist David Quinn. For over 25 years he has worked as an illustrator of a broad range of natural history publications. His incredibly detailed illustrations have featured in many books and journals dealing with bird identification issues and in academic studies concerning the biology, behaviour and ecology of birds. Not only are his illustrations and paintings extremely accurate, they are so incredibly lifelike and animated that the creatures depicted look as if they will spring to life at any minute. It's no surprise that he's a former winner of British Bird's 'Bird Illustrator of the Year' award.

David's work is the result of painstaking research, both in the field making studies of live birds and animals, and in museums including World Museum Liverpool, where he takes advantage of the fact that our mounted specimens don't move around to sketch the finer details of their plumage and markings.

You can see an exhibition of his work, 'Nature in the Frame - Portraits from our Living Landscape' in the Joseph Banks Room at Chester Zoo until 2 December 2007. The exhibition is a collaboration with the zoo and Cheshire Mammal Group and includes some pencil and ink illustrations for their forthcoming book, due out next spring. There are also some mounted specimens of some of the animals David has illustrated, including a bat and vole on loan from World Museum Liverpool.

David and Clem in the exhibition

David Quinn and Dr Clem Fisher, curator of birds and mammals at World Museum Liverpool, with the bat from our collections in David's exhibition