New display at Sudley

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New display at Sudley

Mansions and Merchants

'Mansions and Merchants' is a small display upstairs in Sudley which is inspired by Liverpool’s maritime history and rich heritage of fine houses and landscapes. The display is a series of foam-board structures which act as plinths to display artwork and objects. Maps then lie at the base of each piece of art reminding us of where the inspiration for the art work comes from.

The project behind the display is a partnership with the Mersey Care NHS Early Interventions Team. Artists worked alongside participants in Sudley’s Learning Suite which, I imagine, is the ideal place to set up studio for some creative work, being set in such a secluded and beautiful location!

My favourite piece in the exhibit was a large box, which is inspired by a tea caddy, reminding us that tea was an important part of Liverpool's merchant history. The pattern reflects delicate Chinese porcelain, examples of which can be found in Sudley itself.

The display also highlights how useful the arts are to the community; creative projects like these can engage participants in a new way where they can benefit from relaxed surroundings to explore ideas, think and write before creating the final installation.