A new era for the museum's planetarium

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Staff at the World Museum are getting very excited, as a generous donation has meant that a massive refurbishment can go ahead on the much-loved planetarium!

It will be closed from 4 - 30 January 2012, but here's planetarium demonstrator John Moran to tell us what fantastic new facilities will be available in the new year...

I used to get asked, "Are there any changes coming to the Planetarium anytime soon?" My answer would always be, "Only if a private benefactor with deep pockets decides they;d like to invest some money into the planetarium!". But I never believed for a moment that it would happen.

For years, the team at the planetarium have gone on trips to other planetaria around the country and always came back saying how great it would be to have digital projectors in the World Museum's planetarium.  Well, dreams do come true, because the nice folks at Zeiss have kindly given us £110,000 worth of digital projection equipment absolutely free! (Thanks Zeiss!)

Throughout January 2012 the planetarium will be closed for the installation of a Zeiss Spacegate Duo as well as brand new software. This will enable us to run more exciting and more immersive shows than ever before. We will be able to use the 'all-dome' technology of this system to create mind blowing shows. These could be; a close-up of the moon or the volcanoes of Mars or even the rings of Saturn spread across every inch of the dome. 

It's worth remembering that we are still the only free static planetarium in the country and we will stay that way after the refurbishments too. The planetarium is about to go digital and if you liked it before, you won’t believe your eyes at the beginning of February. See you then!

Planetarium 2011

The planetarium before refurbishment.