New exhibitions for a great new year!

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Are you ready for new year's eve? Thinking about what the new year will bring? I'm planning my party outfit and looking ahead to all the new exhibitions that will be coming to our venues. We've had a great year in 2010, with a record number of visitors to the 'John Moores painting prize' exhibition, the epic tale of survival brought to life in our Shackleton exhibition and the fascinating insight into wedding clothes and customs in 'Hitched' at Sudley House.

There will be a lot of variety on offer and it will all still be free entry! At the Walker, we'll have everything from gritty contemporary photography in 'Like you've never been away' to stunning illustrations from the art books of Henri Matisse. Plus, we'll be delving into the mind of a dedicated art collector in 'A Collector's Eye', which will feature works by Rubens and Sisley (pictured). We'll want to know what would be in your fantasy art collection, so look out for our Twitter discussion, where you will be able to join in and tell us about your favourite paintings.

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'Port-Marley sous la neige' by Sisley. © David Lewis family interests

At the International Slavery Museum, you shouldn't miss the '42' exhibition, a powerful collection of colour photographs, which coincides with International Women's Day in March. The exhibition will tell the story of many women in Sierra Leone by depicting their daily life at home, at work and with their families. Both '42' and 'Like you've never been away' are also part of Liverpool's first international photography exhibition, called 'Look 11'.

So with all that in store, there's certainly lots to look forward to in 2011!