New Legacies sessions for schools

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Image of a teachers' guide to the legacy gallery and object handling session. Teachers' guide to the legacy gallery and object handling session. We’re officially launching a new session for schools. It focuses on the legacies of transatlantic slavery and is designed for key stage 3 and 4 students. It has been a while in the making and has been a real challenge to do but I’m really pleased with the outcome and how the session has shaped up. The legacies of transatlantic slavery are so complex and far-reaching, it was difficult to decide what to include. A consultation with teachers helped focus our ideas and link themes more closely to the curriculum. Still many difficult hours of research and discussion lay ahead for all our education team. Putting this session together has probably been the hardest things I’ve had to do in my years working at the museum but it was equally rewarding and worthwhile. The session makes the link between transatlantic slavery and our lives today, with five tables each exploring  a different theme:
  • Global inequalities
  • Stereotypes
  • Activism
  • America after slavery
  • Black people in Britain
It’s a great opportunity for students to develop their research skills by handling and asking questions about objects. On 21 November from 4-6.30pm we’re launching the session for teachers and showcasing our new shiny resource pack. As well as telling you more about the session you can gain ideas about pre and post session activities that might be of use. I’ve also bought new table clothes that I would like to show off, so if you are interested in coming along then please drop me an email; And for the students the following day on 22 November we have Take Over Day. We are working with Liverpool Schools Parliament to support local young people make their voices heard. The students will be taking part in a number of debates relating to the Legacies of transatlantic slavery. The debates will be a fantastic opportunity to engage, inform and inspire young people to get active and involved in what matters to them and their communities today. I’m really looking forward to it.