The new Liverpool music invasion

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Out and about this summer it's great to see so many local bands doing well.

At Leeds Festival I stumbled across MySpace friends The Maybes? jangling all over the place and I’m told that an instrumental version of their latest single is going to be used on Soccer Am. (Now I always thought that GK & The Renegades' 'It's Down To You' would be perfect for a cup competition or for Match of the Day. Remember, you heard it here first). 

Meanwhile former TBGO top ten contenders Major Major have reached the finals of Rockstar 08 with a chance to play Glastonbury next year. And of course, there’s been the glorious Mathew Street Festival and its fringe with our mates The Trestles, The White Widows, The Spectres … well, too many to mention.

This Sunday it's the Love Music Hate Racism's summer bash at The Picket with another corking line up of bands including 28 Costumes who you'll be able to hear in September's Top Ten. (If you are heading to The Picket then it's a good opportunity to bob into the International Slavery Museum on route).

You see! The beat really does go on. Even when you’re on holiday. 

Excited girl and crowd scene from Cream in a montage

The beat goes on and on and on ...

If you haven’t given August’s TBGO bands your vote yet, there’s still time … but only just, and to take part you need to visit the MySpace page. The poll will close at 11.59pm on 31st August and the winner will join the digital jukebox in The Beat Goes On exhibition at World Museum Liverpool. Who will it be?  

* The Majority * Whiskey Headshot * Tony Kehoe * Shane Beales * My Auntie Sam * The Spectres * Rob Gough * The White Widows * Jajuka * GK & The Renegades *