A night out for the collections

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marble sculpture wrapped in bubble wrap

The goddess Athena wore an unusual bubblewrap outfit to the dinner

Last week a special fundraising dinner was held at the Museum of Liverpool, giving guests a unique preview of the interior space before any of the displays are installed.

The evening was also attended by a goddess, several penguins, a few vehicles, some works of art and a whole flock of superlambananas. These items, which are mainly from National Museums Liverpool's collections, although the superlambananas were on loan, were put on temporary display for the evening to give a taster of the wide variety of objects that will go on display in the new museum when it opens in 2011.

If you were not lucky enough to attend the dinner itself you can see some great photos from the evening on the Art in Liverpool blog.

You can also see behind-the-scenes photos of our handling and transport team installing the objects for display before the dinner and then returning them afterwards in the Moving Stories set on Flickr. Is it just me or does this photo of handling and transport technician Danny look like a scene from Casualty, with the patient being wheeled into a lift on a trolley?