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Having not been to the Mathew Street Festival for several years (due to the high proliforation of Swedish Rolling Stones cover bands and 'highlights' being performers called Robbing Williams) I was persuaded to go along on Monday to check it out once more. I was pleased that they at least now have a new bands stage, but I wonder if the bands were getting paid as much as the fake rockers? Anyway it was worth it as I got to see local band, ASBOS, who I've seen before and are always deliciously weird. Great songs and cool vocals that remind me of The Pixies. It was good to see them up on a big stage, singing their classics; 'That's Not Mum' and 'Weird Dream' while getting screamed at, Take That-style, by a group of teenies wearing leopard print leggings and angel wings.

A group of four men playing guitars and drums on a stage

ASBOS? No, they look like such well behaved boys.

Later on I headed back into town to see one of the bands in the new 'Mathew Street Fringe Festival', which is basically all the proper bands, like ASBOS, from the Liverpool music scene and beyond. It was Be Your Own Pet's (Nashville, USA) penultimate gig before they split up. FOREVER. I saw them at Leeds Festival two years ago and wanted to see them in a small venue, which is always best. A shame they're splitting up as they really are a great band live. They didn't disappoint, with their singer Jemina ripping into every song and their bassist stage-diving over the crowd and writhing about on the floor at my feet! I spoke to him later and he seemed to have recovered, apart from a large lump on his forehead. That's real rock'n'roll for you.