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Octopus in a tank The 'Common Octopus' (Octopus Vulgaris) We've got a brand new tentacled friend here at World Museum and recently I was lucky enough to meet him! Although called the 'Common Octopus' (Octopus Vulgaris), we think he is far from that. The Common Octopus has the amazing ability to camouflage itself to hide from predators, changing colour and appearance rapidly to match its surroundings.  I was surprised to learn that this octopus can be found around the coastline of the UK, this is the closest I've ever been to an octopus! Another type of octopus found in waters around Britain is the Curled Octopus and there's an easy way to tell the difference between them if you're lucky enough to spot one. The Curled Octopus is small with one row of suckers on its tentacles, whereas our Common Octopus can grow much bigger (over one metre!) and has two rows of suckers on his tentacles, can you see the two rows in the picture above? Octopus in a tank Our octopus came to World Museum earlier this year but has only just gone on display. Behind the scenes he has been looked after by our team of expert Aquarium staff. They made sure he was feeding well and the temperature of the water was just right for him before they put him in his tank.

Name our octopus!

We think our octopus is brilliant and we would love you to help us name him! What would you call him? Tentacles? Professor Inkling? The best name will win a plush toy octopus and animal book. We're accepting entries until Sunday 31 August 2014. Good luck!