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I often find myself deep in thought, hours can go by where all I’ve done is think. I often consider life’s questions, such as where did we come from, shall I buy that dress from Topshop or shall I have chicken or mince for tea?

As you can guess, I probably wouldn’t make a very good philosophy student. However next week the Walker Art Gallery will be hosting a group of post graduate students from the Philosophy Department at the University of Liverpool, each of whom will be giving a talk.

Each talk is based on a different painting in the gallery but all are focused on the issue of realism in art and how ‘reality’ is a concept shaped by aesthetic, philosophical and cultural factors.

On Wednesday 25 May three paintings will be discussed. Starting at 1pm, Landscape with Hermit by Salvator Rosa will be discussed, then at 1.45 Mary Magdalene by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, finishing at 2.30 with Interior of the New Church at Delft by Hendrick Van Vliet

The following day on Thursday 26 May two paintings will be discussed. At 1pm A horse frightened by a lion by George Stubbs will be looked at, followed by Warmond castle in a winter landscape by Jan Abrahamsz at 1.45.

There is no need to book a place on this free talk, so drop by and hear this series of talks.

Painting of a horse and a lion

'A horse frightened by a lion' by George Stubbs, one of the paintings being discussed