The opening of the Queensway Mersey Tunnel

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old photo of crowds around a tunnel entrance in the city centre

Here's a great photo from the Stewart Bale collection. It may look like crowds of Christmas shoppers but it actually shows the very first cars to go into the Queensway Mersey Tunnel on 18 July 1934. After an official opening ceremony the cars took King George V and Queen Mary through the tunnel to Birkenhead.

The photo is one of a series taken by Stewart Bale Ltd which were collected in a souvenir album documenting the day's events. The entire Queensway Mersey Tunnel souvenir album is now available on our website. As always, I've enjoyed using the zoomify pages to have a really close look at some of the scenes - for example you can zoom into the picture of the tuinnel entrance shown here. If one of your relatives was at the opening ceremony then you might be able to spot them standing in the crowd or sitting on the roof of one of the Dale Street buildings. There's one thing that you can't see in the pictures though for the simple reason that it hadn't been built yet - the flyover next to the tunnel. It's quite strange seeing this scene without it.