Our first volunteer to get the v50 Award certificate

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three smiling women, one holding up a certificate

Community development officer Alex Shears, Christine with her v50 Award certificate and volunteer co-ordinator Claire Holden

Here's some great news from the v-involved youth volunteering project at National Museums Liverpool. Our first participant has been awarded the v50 Award certificate, after contributing 50 hours of her time as a volunteer. I'll let her tell you all about it:

"Hello. My name is Christine, I’m 24 and I’ve been volunteering here at World Museum Liverpool since 5th June. I have recently achieved my 50 hour target for which I received a v50 Award certificate for my contribution to the museum.

I’ve been helping out on the information desk and making sure leaflets are available for everyone. I occasionally work in the learning office doing bits of admin.

I really enjoy working at the museum, particularly on the information desk as I like giving tickets out to the public.

I am proud that I am the first vinvolved youth volunteer to reach over 50 hours and I feel that it has been time well spent as I have gained more confidence and feel it’s a worthwhile experience to be a volunteer."