Our top 6 picks for Autumn

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lead-image The colder weather is creeping in and we're saying goodbye to the summer, but this also means some fab new items for Autumn in our shop. From vintage-style hats to cosy socks, here's six of our favourites for the new season:

1. Bake-off challenge

Cake tin Make sure you are always the star baker by keeping your creations fresh in this Victoria sponge cake tin.  

2. Knitty longstocking

socks It's almost welly-weather and these long cosy socks are perfect for under your boots. They even come in their own gift bag!  

3. Raspberry beret

gloves Ok so we cheated - number three is actually a pair of vintage-style gloves. But we do have a raspberry-coloured hat in the shop too!  

4. Lana del Grey

hat Keeping with the vintage theme, this grey 'Lana' hat is 100% wool and will keep you toasty as it starts to get colder.  

5. Pop(py) to the shopspoppy-bag

This poppy shopper is our best-selling bag and it's easy to see why! Pretty tapestry and a sturdy design makes a winning combination.  

6. Life imitates art

cushion Featuring a detail of the beautiful 'Tree of Life' painting by Gustav Klimt, this tapestry cushion is great for art lovers.