Party like it's 1939

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handbill with printed text and no illustrations

Today many people across Liverpool will be celebrating St Patrick's Day, or maybe even continuing the festivities which seem to have kicked off on Friday evening.

If you are stuck for ideas of a fitting way to spend the day, here's a blast from the past in the form of a handbill from the Museum of Liverpool's collections. It's advertsing a 'St Patrick's Gala Night' held in Liverpool's Rialto Ballroom back in 1939. 

With cocktails, cabaret, dancing until 2am, 'Irish novelties' (whatever that means), a running buffet (for moderate charges) and Ben Reynold's Irish music it sounds like it was a top night. And all for the meagre price of 2/6 - which sounds cheap but somebody will probably tell me that was most your week's wages back then...