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For Museums and Galleries Month 2007 we've been asking which people from the past related to our collections you would like to meet and talk to. Our internal communications officer Karen Young has this cracking suggestion. If you would like to suggest anyone else you can email me using the link at the end of this post. Don't be shy - your idea could be the next one featured here!

National Museums Liverpool is lucky enough to have acquired many unique Beatles objects, including the original stage on which John Lennon’s skiffle band, the Quarrymen, played in 1957. 

It is this stage that I would like to re-build and bring a legendary scene back to life - when John met Paul.  On 6 July 1957, The Quarrymen played at an annual garden festival at St Peter's Parish Church in Woolton, Liverpool. During their concert, one of the audience members was a young man named Paul McCartney, who was there with a mutual friend of John's.  Paul was introduced to the members of the band backstage and picked up a guitar and began to play one of Lennon's favourites, 'Twenty Flight Rock'. John was very impressed by Paul and a friendship began which led to him joining the band soon after. The Quarrymen, of course, went on to become the Beatles.

For me this stage symbolises the true birth of the greatest band of all time, even before the Cavern and the Beatlemania that gripped the world.  As a massive John Lennon fan I admire his changing musical style through the years and to see him on stage at such a young age, would be amazing.  Bringing this scene back to life would mean I could witness one of the defining moments in rock and roll.  It is without doubt one of the events when you could proudly say "I was there"!

The Museum of Liverpool, opening in 2010, will uncover the unique and creative character of Liverpool exploring why the city has produced such an amazing roll call of writers, performers, comedians and sportsmen. The planned Creative City gallery will include this original stage and I can’t wait to see it on display!

photo of children performing a play on the stage

The stage while it was still in use. Please note: performing on this stage does not guarrantee a successful international pop career