The people who stamped out the slave trade

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lady with giant stamp In her role as office services manager at National Museums Liverpool, June McDonough has seen a lot of stamps passing through the post room over the years, but never one as big as this! The philatelic giant is promoting a new series of special issue stamps that will be launched by Royal Mail tomorrow to mark the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the Transatlantic slave trade. Each of the six stamps in the series features one of the most prominent anti-slavery campaigners of their time, including Olaudah Equiano on the first class stamp pictured here. The presentation pack of this series includes background information by our very own Tony Tibbles, the keeper of Merseyside Maritime Museum and project leader of the Transatlantic Slavery gallery. There are lots of events taking place at Merseyside Maritime Museum to celebrate the abolition bicentenary, including a live broadcast by BBC Radio 4's Sunday Programme and Sunday Worship from the museum this weekend (on Sunday, in case you were wondering). Audiences are welcome, but you need to get there for 6.45am for the first programme and 7.45am for the second. So set your alarms early - and remember to adjust them to British Summer Time before you go to bed on Saturday.