'Perfect chemistry' for new coral display

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We always like to let you know when we get some new additions to the World Museum, so here's our Aquarium Manager Paul Tyson to tell us about his latest news:

Coral display

On 15 July, we will be welcoming 100 guests for a special evening event at World Museum. Members of the marine hobbyist forum 'Salty Box' will be coming to donate coral fragments to the aquarium for the newly built coral propagation unit.

The unit involves the latest lighting and filtration methods utilising natural ecosystems to maintain perfect water chemistry for these delicate animals to grow. In return the Salty Box members will be given exclusive access to the aquarium and a tour behind the scenes.

In 12 months time these coral fragments will have grown and will form the nucleus of a new coral display for the first time in the World Museum aquarium. These incredible animals form huge reef structures but are under threat in the wild and are expected to be extinct in just 50 years.

We hope that once established, the new display will provide a glimpse of this living ecosystem to visitors for generations to come.