Podcast: Episode 10 - Underwater

Being a maritime city, having a strong relationship with the sea is inevitable. In episode ten of the National Museums Liverpool Podcast we explore stories about our seas and oceans, each with their own unique link to the museums and Liverpool.

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Underwater: Exploring the relationship between humans and the natural world

Being a maritime city, having a strong relationship with the sea is inevitable. If we explore our relationship with nature, our impact on it and can get a better understanding of our seas and oceans, perhaps this can help improve our personal wellbeing, as well as our environment.


"Whatever mood you take into the cold water, you don't bring back out."

Why do some people go swimming in the sea in the dead of winter? Highly-experienced cold water swimmer, Chris Shaw, explains how an unlikely hangover cure turned into a routine that became an essential part of maintaining his mental health and wellbeing.

Man dressed in a wetsuit with his family
Swimmer, Chris Shaw and his family.


"I did feel like I was giving her a cuddle at one point!"

The common octopus can have quite a big personality and may need a lot of time to play! Polpo, our resident octopus at World Museum's aquarium, is no exception.  Local radio presenter, Toby Taylor, meets World Museum aquarists Ben Mitchell and Alyster Chapman, to learn more about these incredible creatures and hear how Ben and Alyster have built up a relationship with Polpo.

Octopus in a tank
Polpo the octopus at World Museum's aquarium


"They are a tree with a lot going for them"

World Museum's aquarium is home to mangrove trees and the Archer fish that live amongst them in the wild. Mangroves are in fact 'protectors of the land' and essential to our survival on earth, as we face the effects of climate change and more extreme weather. In this story, Toby finds out more about these unsung heroes of the natural world and how we can protect them, from flooding and climate change scientist, Simon Clarke.

Mangrove trees
Mangrove trees in Puerto Rico. Credit: Boricuaeddie, Wikimedia Commons.



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