Podcast: Episode 12 - Sex

Sex, power and desire - all powerful topics to explore. In episode 11 of the National Museums Liverpool Podcast we reveal stories about sex, each with their own unique link to the museums and Liverpool.

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Sex: Revealing hidden stories about sex, power and desire, throughout history and in the present day

In this episode we're talking about sex. Not a topic that many would associate with museums, but sex is so engrained in social and political history, it’s a fascinating topic we can explore through our collections and from speaking to people in Liverpool today. As you'd expect, this episode contains adult content.


"No-one starts a conversation at a dinner party saying they've just been to a sexual health clinic"

Shows like Sex Education on Netflix have opened up new conversations about sexual health and sexual empowerment, encouraging us to look after and celebrate our bodies. We spoke to Chris Higgins from Axxes Sexual Health Clinic in Liverpool about removing the stigma around getting help and advice about sexual health. Maz and Maz from Sexuality Social, also give us a frank, fun and empowering take on the importance of celebrating our bodies and our sexuality.

Two women in a studio
Maz and Maz from Sexuality Social in Liverpool

"For people living Queer lives - it’s such a massive difference to today"

Taboos around talking about sex can have had a big impact on the way people are treated - this is particularly the case for LGBTQ+ folks. Local creative, Hector Lee spoke to Kay Jones, Curator of Urban and Community History, to find out why we have a Huntley and Palmers biscuit tin in the LGBTQ+ collections at Museum of Liverpool. Together, they examine how this object can help us to learn about the complexities of language and sex in the past and in the present day.

Orange biscuit tin
Huntley & Palmers biscuit tin from the LGBTQ+ collections at Museum of Liverpool


"The Buggery Act really gave Henry VIII power"

In our final story we go right back to 1534 and the time of the Tudors. We speak to Curator of International Fine Art, Kate O'Donoghue about her research into the Buggery Act for the 'The Tudors: Power, Passion and Politics' exhibition and reveal the devastating legacy of this act, right up to the present day, with Learning and Participation Manager, Matt Exley.

Portrait of Henry VIII
Detail of 'Henry VIII' by Hans Holbein the Younger from the Walker Art Gallery's collections.



Host: Ellie Field
Stories by: Hector Lee and Ellie Field
Production partners: Melodic Distraction
Post-production: Rory Ballantyne
Editorial Lead: Lisa Jones
Creative Director: Scott Smith