Podcast: Episode 5 - Movement

In episode five of the National Museums Liverpool Podcast, Jane Garvey introduces stories on movement, each with their own unique link to the museums and Liverpool.

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Anthony Walker Foundation

The unprovoked racially motivated murder of Liverpool teenager Anthony Walker is one of the most shocking incidents in Merseyside’s history. His family, including mum Gee Walker were determined that Anthony's death was not just a statistic and set about creating an anti-racism movement with the Anthony Walker Foundation. The AWF’s most recent campaign is Speak Out Stop Hate and aims to encourage everyone to report hate crime, be it through the foundation or policing channels. 

In this story we talk to Ben Osu, Strategy Lead at the foundation about how Anthony’s family set about moving on the conversation about racism in Britain through educational programmes and facilitating better, easier reporting and support.

Report Hate Speech here: http://www.speakoutstophate.com

Wilson the Rope Figure

Wilson the rope figure

The Seized! gallery, which sits inside the Maritime Museum, displays the National Border Force Museum collection. Curator Steve Butler and Learning and Participation Manager Sarah Han talk about a recent addition to their handling collection called Wilson, a small rope toy figure created by a Border Force officer. Wilson is given to children on immigrant ships to try to break down barriers and make human connections, as these frightened people are confronted by huge British ships and uniformed officers.

Story by Sam Carr

The Dockers Umbrella

The Liverpool Overhead Railway opened in 1893 and closed in 1956, it ran for 6 miles along Liverpool’s waterfront taking in the docks and the city centre. In this story Curator of Land Transport, Sharon Brown takes us on a ride through its technological advances to its ultimate demise and subsequent reinvigoration through a display in the Museum of Liverpool.


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