Podcast: Episode 6 - Protest

In episode six of the National Museums Liverpool Podcast, Jane Garvey introduces stories on protest, each with their own unique link to the museums and Liverpool.

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Black Lives Matter

Protesting has been an important factor of the Black Lives Matter movement since it started in 2013 and has helped bring about change and awareness to the cause. We talked to Chantelle Lunt educator, writer, entrepreneur, activist and founder of Merseyside #BLM Alliance about how protests have contributed to positive change and how to avoid protest burn out.

Story by Ellie Field

Pottery of Protest

Chamber pot with insignia of George III found in Manchester Dig

When Jeff Speakman, Assistant Curator of Archaeology at Museum of Liverpool, went on an archaeological dig at The Manchester Dock, his team didn’t know what to expect. Imagine their surprise when, not only did they unearth 3 tonnes of pottery, but found chamber pots with the royal crest on them. Jeff unpacks how they got there, what they mean and what they say about our need for personal protest today, just as it was over 200 years ago.   

Story by Megan McGurk

Liverpool 8 Against Apartheid

poster with hands breaking a noose and text: Save the Sharpeville 6, No to apartheid executions

In the 80s the people of L8 were tireless in their support of the anti-apartheid struggle. The Museum of Liverpool will host a new display highlighting the history of the community’s role in the anti-apartheid movement, and the fight to free Nelson Mandela and in this story we'll hear some of the voices from the frontline of the fight. 

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Story: Daniel O'Connor

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