A poem in response to ‘The Liverpool Cityscape’

The following poem was written in September 2008 by Matthew, aged 20, following a visit to see ‘The Liverpool Cityscape’ by art teachers and inmates from the Learning and Skills section at Thorn Cross Young Offenders Institute in Warrington.

In the video on the gallery Ben Johnson (who painted the cityscape) says he hopes that visitors will put themselves in the picture - populate it with their minds - and Matthew seems to have been inspired by this. We think his poem is really good and Matthew has been kind enough to allow us to share it with other visitors.

What if the painting was in our imagination?

What if boats docked at the train station?

What if the picture was just vegetation?

I wouldn’t be here with a look of fascination.

As far as the eye can see I stare

I am a massive work of art

I was made with pencils, paints and stencils

I am a piece of Ben Johnson’s heart