Polar prizewinner

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Last year we invited you to share your pictures of spectacular scenery, unusual locations and far-flung destinations as part of our photography competition, inspired by the 'Endurance: Shackleton’s Antarctic Adventure' exhibition. We teamed up with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic to give one lucky winner and three friends the chance to see the live orchestral & cinematic production, 'Polar'.

The quality of entries was exceptional, but we’re thrilled to report that the prize was won by Mr Bernard Bowler for his truly outstanding photograph, Skiddaw. Despite the apparent Antarctic conditions depicted, the picture was taken in the Lake District.

A small group of men on a very big white slope of a mountain

The edge of the earth? (Skiddaw © Bernard Bowler - all rights reserved).

Communications Manager Dickie Felton explains:

“ Mr Bowler's stunning picture was taken on Skiddaw, Cumbria, but it's such an epic shot it could be the edge of the earth. The sloping edge looks like a sheer drop. It gives a sense that one false move and the tiny walkers, explorers, adventurers would be sent tumbling. The picture is vast and oozes with chilly atmosphere. What's also interesting is you have to look twice to see if it's a black and white or a colour photograph. I think, and I'm still not sure, that it is in fact colour. Is that a hint of orange in the distant sky beyond? A great picture worthy of winning our Shackleton competition. I hope that the brave figures on the slope had packed their Kendal mint cake.”

You can view more fabulous photo entries on Flickr. Mr Bowler has since contacted us to say his party had a very enjoyable evening at the Philharmonic Hall

If dramatic photography appeals to you, you’ve only got a couple of weeks left to visit Endurance: Shackleton’s Antarctic Adventure. The exhibition at the Merseyside Maritime Museum comes to a close on 27 February. This really is a not-to-be-missed exhibition, featuring striking images that tell an unprecedented tale of peril and adventure.