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Ok it's a poor link, but as we don't have any photographs of politicians, apart from ex-merchant seafarer John Prescot, I thought I'd throw in this photograph of the Harrison Line vessel Politician while the Labour Party Conference is on in Liverpool. T & J Harrison, like many shipping companies, used a theme when naming their vessels.  In their case it was professions, which are slightly easier to remember than Blue Funnel's(Ocean Steamship Company) use of characters from Greek mythology.  Harrison Line never named a ship Archivist, but they did have 3 vessels named Custodian, which is pretty close to my job description.  The Politician is more famous as the ship that ran aground in 1941 off Eriskay in Scotland with a cargo that included a large amount of whisky and inspired the book and film Whisky Galore.  There is possibly some joke to be made involving politicians, whisky and running into rocks, but I'm not going to risk it.
Lead image: Politician, Harrison Line, leaving dock in Liverpool (reference McR/38/142).