Prenton High School's Fresh Perspective

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Our final schools blog comes from Prenton High School for Girls. The students have work with the Lady Lever Art Gallery to display their work in the Fresh Perspectives exhibition. The students worked on creating organic form sculptures, whimsical creatures and digital images for the Fresh Perspectives exhibition. These are spread across all three rooms of the exhibition. The students from Prenton High School for Girls have enjoyed working with the team over at the Lady Lever Art Gallery. This isn’t the first time they have exhibited their work within the exhibition. Gemma Churton, Art Teacher at the school said:
“We are extremely proud to be part of the Fresh Perspectives exhibition again this year. It is wonderful for our students to have the opportunity to show their work outside of school to a wider audience. To have their work on display in such a prestigious Art Gallery is fantastic! I’m sure this will be an experience that they will not forget and something that will inspire their work in the future.”
We went into the school to have a chat with the students and talk about their experiences, influences and how they feel about being part of the Fresh Perspectives exhibition and having their work on display at the Lady Lever Art Gallery. What do you enjoy about making Art?
I love the fact that you can use inspiration from other artists and add your own twist to the work to make it your own. Also you can be as creative as you want, nothing is right or wrong. - Sumayyah Haque I enjoy that I can relax when I’m creating art and that I can let my creativity flow. - Holly Griffiths I enjoy coming up with imaginative ideas for my art pieces and this allows me to bring in some of my own characteristics about myself into the art. – Emma Cottham
What inspired you to create this piece of work?
The different range of artists inspired me as a lot of them are very unique and creative with their work which inspired me to create something of my own. - Hannah Carpenter
How does it feel to be involved with this exhibition?
I feel honoured and privileged to be involved in such a great opportunity with my school and the Lady Lever Art Gallery. – Rose Cross I feel very proud to be involved. This encourages me to do more in the future in college/university. – Sharmita Selim
This is the third time that the exhibition - which runs biennially - has been held at the Lady Lever Art Gallery, showcasing the breadth of creative talent held by young people in Wirral. If you still haven’t had a chance to see Fresh perspectives, it is on display at the Lady Lever Art Gallery until 1 May 2017.